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Choosing System Services for your internet application solutions can mean partnering with people who strive for the seamless integration of new functionality into existing. New implementations and upgrades using WCF, Silverlight, SharePoint, AJAX, REST, and/or Web Services can enable a new level of interoperability and efficiency for internet applications.

  • WCF combines the functionality of many existing technologies and is the new standard in service communication for everything from system messaging to interoperable web services. We have found that this unification promise has been met and can be a huge efficiency gain in terms of development time before deployment and bandwidth utilization after.
  • Silverlight is best known for providing a rich user experience on the web. Our approach extends beyond what the user sees to leverage Silverlight's powerful potential for true push messaging, advanced client-server communications, and component based page compositions.
  • SharePoint answers a businesses need for a solid framework for deploying any kind of web content or application. It's deep integration with Office and Microsoft software frameworks make it an easy choice. System Services has been building customized SharePoint solutions for enterprise intra and extranets since the product was in beta, and it has come a long way.
  • AJAX whether the goal is a more interactive user experience, or reducing server load System-Services is a great choice for AJAX solutions. Our AJAX toolkit includes solutions from Microsoft, YAHOO, and JQuery.
  • REST and Web Services are perfect choices for providing highly interoperable and discoverable APIs for clients or public consumption. We can help you design and deploy your API quickly and intelligently.

Whatever solution is required, we believe that exploiting a technology in the total context of an organization rather than merely deploying technology will provide you with the competitive edge.

Please call 312-553-4200 for projects or additional information.
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