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The Active Collaboration platform is a software platform for organizations to structure and manage business processes. Active Collaboration can be effectively used for managing simple requests or complex processes across multiple departments or divisions.

Currently, most business processes are managed through email. The Active Collaboration platform offers numerous benefits over email for business process management, including:

Process Definition and Automation
  • Defines each step in a business process and assigns an owner
  • Streamlines business processes by eliminating redundant steps
  • Routes information to the appropriate owner when a task is initiated or completed
Structured Communication
  • Facilitates information transparency by creating a dashboard for users to view the status of their processes and associated tasks
  • Provides notification when a step is completed
  • Requires ownership of each step in a process
Central Repository of Business Knowledge
  • Manages multiple issue or request processes simultaneously
  • Organizes information about processes and steps in one location
  • Integrates with enterprise packages such as Content Management, Finance, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management and others
Managed Service
  • Entirely web browser based
  • No additional hardware or software to buy
  • System Services Corporation configures, manages and supports your Active Collaboration application
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