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Feedback Management System

System Services Corporation’s Feedback Management system enables you to easily and quickly manage web-based surveys for interaction with your customers, members, vendors, distributors, employees, or other contacts.

Effortlessly configure powerful survey design options
  • Customizable header and side bars for graphics, text, or HTML code
  • Completely definable styles for the survey include fonts, colors, and sizes
  • Support for unlimited number of questions and corresponding answers
  • Single or multi-page surveys
  • Capability to redirect the user to any web page upon completion
  • Personal and maintainable library of forms, questions, and answers
Utilize numerous options for questions and answers
  • Various answer types to choose from
  • Completely customizable templates for answers
  • Ability to include graphics with questions or answer choices
  • Option to submit single or multiple answers for each question
  • Opportunity to input additional text with each answer
Encourage participation via email or application integration
  • HTML or Text driven interaction
  • Application that can be integrated into your web pages or invoked on SSC servers
  • Various degrees of usage to allow from anonymous to unique responses
  • Capability to include data unique to each participant on the survey
Instantly analyze the responses in real-time
  • Up to the minute interactive graphical representation of data
  • Extensive analysis tool for drilling down into data
  • Online analysis including filtering with a specific response look-up
Simply download survey response data to other systems
  • Powerful interface for data extraction
  • Ability to integrate into other applications
  • Data that may be extracted by survey or single question

Please call 312-553-4200 to discuss your feedback project or additional information.
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